Pride Zeus 440

The Pride Zues 440 is an interior lift that is adjustable to fit most vehicles.  It can be used with most medium, large and travel mobility scooters, wheelchairs as well as power chairs.  Uses a compact swivel boom, corded hand control and has an integrated mounting base to allow for easy compact installation. With a 440lb lifting capacity the 440 offers a larger lifting capacity than the Zeus 260.   Beautifully engineered to complement your vehicle.

Pride Zeus 260

The Pride Zues 260 is an interior lift that is adjustable to fit most vehicles.  It can be used with most medium, large and travel mobility scooters, wheelchairs as well as power chairs.

Bruno VSL-6900 Curb-Sider® with Power Telescoping Lift Head

Vehicles today are getting smaller and many scooter and wheelchairs are getting bigger.  These two competing trends challenged the engineers at Bruno to design a lift that was agile enough to work in the smaller spaces yet powerful enough to lift the heavier units.

Bruno VSL-6000HD Curb-Sider® Heavy Duty

The needs and demands of today’s scooter and power chair users have brought with them heavier devices.  To safely lift these heavy and complex units, MobilityWorks offers a Heavy Duty version of the industry leading Bruno Curb-Sider®.

Bruno VSL-6000 Curb-Sider® Hoist Style Interior Lifts

Like the name says, the original Curb-Sider® is designed to lift and move your scooter or wheelchair to the curbside of your vehicle so you can load/unload. You can also load/unload directly behind your vehicle as well.


It could be a simple trip to the mall, a ride to the movies or just a visit to a friend’s home. The little things in life can make a big difference. It’s why MobilityWorks has been helping people connect with who and what matters most since 1997.

Whether it’s at one of our 70+ locations or on our online store, MobilityWorks helps you find the right mobility solution for your unique needs. We offer a full line of adaptive equipment and an extensive selection of wheelchairs, scooters and more with the convenience of ordering online.

Peace of Mind

A 1-year labor warranty on all scooter and wheelchair lifts

1 year of our ProtectionWorks Roadside Assistance is standard with an online purchase of a scooter or wheelchair lifts

An emergency technical service hotline that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for all customers

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Our ProtectionWorks emergency roadside assistance includes wheelchair passenger transportation, lift and ramp emergency repair, wheelchair and scooter assistance, towing, battery service, flat tire assistance, lost key or lock out assistance, out of fuel assistance, $150 tire hazard benefit, $250 auto deductible reimbursement.
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